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, In fliorr, I cire my J'ouchers to every, Paf Tage : And I hiivc done my urmoft firft to find out the ^ruth, and then to relate it in the clcareft Order, I have laboured afrer^f- curacy : And jet I dare not fay, that lam without Miftake; nor do I dellre the Reader to conceal any he may poffibly find. Dradj'ord's Hifory and fome o:her Materials which J happen to be favoured wirh,, . John Cal.lwell, of Hartford, Merchant, ( for Six') • 1 The Rev. Chirks Church, Eff, Sbinjif of the County of Uridol Mc ' i^U ESCRIBE R S*- , J^\ Mr, Hopcftill Clap, of Dorchefter. Naihmael Greenwood '_■" '• .."^■' Samuel Greenwood, £/^; .".."•'..''.■- Jtrcmiih Gridley, M.

John Greenwood, of Rehoboth, ( for 9ix) ; Ifjac Green wood, y J/. Ho Uifian Pr^e Jfor of the M^hematicks, &c At Harvard College. ^ , j ." ■' Henry Flynt, Efq; Ff//ow o/Harvard Collcgc*. Hopertill Fofter, Boolfdkr^ (for Tiudf)-') : * ' ■ '" Richard Foftcr, £)? "■ '' David Farnum, 5Wcn/ /t/ Harvard College,-"' • '•' |-' John Fayervveathcr, E/cf ■'■- '■ ■' ■ '■■ ' '■. Francis Foxcrofr, pf Carnhndge^ Slftf, (for T'Wo) Mr, William Fairfield, jun. Gosnold in i6oz, to the ^r Wi'/r/ of Governor Bt LCHER, in 1750. O i) a C- T I O N^ Con taining A brief Epitome of the moft remarkable Trdnfa B'tom and Ever Js Abroad, from the Crlation : Including the conneftfd Line of Time, the Succeflion oi Patriarchs ^\^^ Soiereigns of the moll famous Kingdoms &: Empires, the gradual i)//fotfriei of AMi: Ri CA,and the Progrefs of the Reformation to rhe Difcoiery o\ New England. Remember thi D.i)s vf Ohi, conficiir the nan of many Generations, Job viii, 8. ^c ML 974 P93C v.l 1 2058109 ' REYNOLDS HISTORICAL GENEALOGY COLLECTJON 3 1833 00055 4144 V-ofx. For C7:qtiire, I pray thee, of the former Jge^ and prepare thy fclf to ^^? Chi O Eologi cai ^ H j itory O F NEW-ENGLAlsl D In the Form of A N N A L S : BEING A fummary and e'xadt Account ofthemoft material Tranfa^ions and Occurrences relating to This Country, in the Order of Time wherein they hap- pened, from the Difcovery by Capt. 4, 5..v7c7/ from tlie Pubiick Records of the GM 'c{^: Plwicuth, Ccrw(Fxicitt d^ Rhode- fjlaiid. A gre&t Number o\ amierit Lepers Sc other Papers whi(f I have colieded from feveral Libraries & particular Perfoif: 5. me, collected frof the Recbrds o{ fcvcial I'civ'ns ic Onrcles throughout th. i- 3.' Major Majcn's ancient Account of the Pequot War in (5?


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