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Number of states mandating insurance

FTZs are mainly used to import duty-free goods utilized in the manufacturing of products for exportation, and there are no known cases or allegations that indicate the FTZs are hubs of money laundering or drug trafficking.There are no reported hawala or other money or value transfer services operating in Guatemala.The Central America Four Agreement among El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua allows for free movement of the citizens of these countries across their respective borders without passing through immigration or customs inspection.As such, the agreement represents a vulnerability to each country for the cross-border movement of contraband and illicit proceeds of crime.A significant number of remittances are transferred through banks and appear to pose little risk for money laundering.Casinos are currently unregulated in Guatemala and a number of casinos, games of chance and video lotteries operate, both onshore and offshore.Smuggling of synthetic-drug precursors is also a problem.

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Its most recent mutual evaluation can be found here: AND IMPLEMENTATION ISSUES AND COMMENTS: Staffing of the Financial Intelligence Unit (IVE) has increased over the last several years and the number of STRs filed has also increased since the unit’s beginning.These “offshore” banks are subject to the same anti-money laundering/counter-terrorist financing (AML/CFT) regulations as any local bank.Guatemala has 18 active free trade zones (FTZs) and nine more are scheduled to start operations soon.However, there are still relatively few convictions for money laundering, most of which are for illegal transport of cash.The limited capacity and number of law enforcement officials and of Public Ministry (i.e., the Attorney General’s office) staff may hamper these authorities from enforcing the law and prosecuting and successfully convicting more cases.In October 2010, Guatemalan monetary authorities approved a regulation to establish limits for cash deposits in foreign currency, notably requiring more information and bank certification for transactions totaling over ,000 per month.According to law enforcement authorities, banks’ purchases of foreign currency declined 34 percent during the first nine months of 2011, and an additional 16 percent during a similar period in 2012.There is a category of “offshore” banks in Guatemala in which the money of the customers (usually Guatemalans with average deposits of 0,000) is legally considered to be deposited in the foreign country where the bank’s head office is based.In 2012, there were seven “offshore” entities, with head offices in Panama, the Bahamas and Puerto Rico.The Public Ministry is still awaiting the outcome of its appeal of Portillo’s May 9, 2011 acquittal on embezzlement charges in Guatemala, and the extradition remains pending based on the outcome of that case.On August 29, 2012, the Constitutional Court rejected a request from Portillo’s lawyers for an injunction against former President Alvaro Colom’s administrative approval of the extradition.


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